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Nonprofit Help Center

Launch and scale your Goodworld tools with the help of our knowledge base. Here, you can find best practices, how-to's, and answers to FAQs.

Can I donate to a nonprofit based outside of the United States?
Can a U.S.-based nonprofit organization be added to your database?
Why is my organization not eligible to receive donations through Goodworld?
How can I find the organization I want?
Why did I receive a check from Goodworld?
Hybrid Fundraising Events
Fiscal Sponsor
Fund Designations
Managing Giving and Event Pages
Getting Started: Dashboard Tour
Offline donation tracking
Social media integrations
Social media fundraising
Fundraiser reports and activities
Donor CRM
Unbranded platform fees
Multiple fund designations
CRM data migration
Marketing and promo materials
Photo pixel size
Credit card updates
Event notifications
Donor tax deductions
Create a report
Text color
Lost donor receipts
Editing font
Errors when refunding donors
Switching accounts
Facebook group donations
Social media funds
Hourglass icon
Transaction processing fees
Data migration to Goodworld
Platform fees
Failed donor payments
Event promo codes
Donor tax receipts
Retrieving donor names
Anonymous donations
Donor dedications
Outside donations
Spare change donor notifications
Managing recurring donations
Exporting data into a CRM
Edit welcome email
Using different bank accounts
Donor list size
Canceling account
Embedding forms
Depositing payments - Connect Stripe
Data security
CRM integration
Media updates
Donor communication
Canceling an event
Donation Forms
Payments with Stripe
Ease of use
Continued support
Platform set-up
Implementation time
Expiring credit cards on recurring donations
Creating Volunteer Campaigns
Tracking transactions with Google Analytics
Google Tag Manager / Google Analytics Integration
Salesforce Documentation: Getting Started