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Why did I receive a check from Goodworld?
Why did I receive a check from Goodworld?

I represent a nonprofit and my organization just received a check from Goodworld.

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The check your organization received is from Goodworld Impact Fund for which Goodworld Inc simply the technology platform The amount on the check reflects the total amount donated to your organization from all Goodworld members through both workplace giving, matching and individual giving.

Goodworld Impact Fund makes donation disbursements via paper check if your nonprofit is not registered with Goodworld. Paper checks may be assessed a fee. When an organization registers and connects their bank account via Stripe, the organization will no longer receive a check in the mail. Nonprofits based outside of the US receive funds through wire transfer. Wire transfer fees may apply depending on the nonprofit’s bank.

Nonprofits have access to donor reports with their dashboards. The Goodworld Dashboard contains contact information for the donors who have donated. If you have additional questions about the check you have received or want to sign up for direct deposits, you may register at or by emailing

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