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Fundraiser reports and activities
Fundraiser reports and activities

Can Goodworld pull reports on fundraiser activities and instantly email the fundraiser to follow-up or post?

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It depends on the activities, but the short answer is yes. Here are a few things the system does.

  • Notifies Admins when Fundraisers create new campaigns

  • Notifies Admins when donations are made

  • Notifies Fundraisers when donations are made to their campaigns

  • Notifies admins when donations are made

  • Admins have access to all fundraising data of each Fundraiser, Campaign and donor

  • Admins can export csv reports of all this data

  • There isn’t an email composer within the platform that will send directly to Fundraisers, but you have access to their email within the platform to compose a personal email to them.  

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