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Managing Giving and Event Pages
Managing Giving and Event Pages

Customizing Giving and Event Pages is easy — the design possibilities are endless.

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Create a Giving or Event Page

  1. Select the Pages tab and click the Create New button

  2. Name your Page in the next step

  3. Create a unique design for your page using our template editor.

    1. Background Banner Image: Upload a high-resolution image of your choice. We suggest using a darkened image to ensure that the text overlay is legible.

    2. Text Blocks: To edit or add text to your page, simply click on the area you wish. Feel free to paste or type anything you’d like your visitors to see.

      1. To add new blocks of text or to move blocks of text around on your page, visit the Action icons on the bottom right-hand side of your screen.


Add elements

By visiting the (+) icon on the right side, you can drag in any elements you see fit including images, buttons, video players, section dividers, grids action cards and more.

Don’t see the element looking for? Use the “Code” option to create a placeholder for your own custom coded features!

Move Things

This option allows you to move any items or features that have been added to the Page.

Note: This will not allow for the movement of the Page’s structural elements (anything that existed in the Page when you first created it)

Resize Things

Shrink or enlarge added components, sections, and columns to suit your needs

Editing the Form on your Page

The Page Settings contain 5 sections: Basic Settings, Payment Settings, Custom Attributes, User Fields, and Thank You.

Basic Settings

First, you’ll want to choose what type of Form you want to feature on your Page:

  • Donation Form (Default)

  • Campaign Form

  • Event Form

  • No Form

Then, edit the fund designation, colors, logo, and button text.

Tip: Want to give donors options? Simply enter the title of more than one designation or campaign into the “Designate Funds to” field and a drop-down menu of options will automatically appear in your Form

Payment Settings

Are there certain types of donations you’d like to encourage through your Page? Choose between One-time, Recurring, and Spare Change Donations

Note: This section does not apply to Pages with Event Forms or No Form

Custom Attributes

These fields appear on the first screen, along with the donation options. Pre-programmed options include “Dedications,” “Gifts,” and “Anonymous Giving.” You can also add custom fields, checkboxes, and paragraphs with additional information via the buttons at the bottom of the module.

For more information about Gifts (also known as eCards), please visit our article ___________________

It is important to remember that information added to this module will be associated with the gift, as opposed to the donor (“Contact”). To customize the information gathered about each Contact, visit the User Fields module.

If this page is set to only accept Spare Change donations, you can skip this module.

User Fields

The information collected in this section will be stored in the Contacts section of your platform. At its simplest, this form will ask for an individual’s First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Password. You may also ask for an Address and/or Phone Number, and make each required if desired.

As with the Custom Attributes module, custom fields may also be added to this screen. Popular additions here include fields such as “Company” or “Employer,” checkboxes to indicate “Interest in Volunteering” or “Do Not Mail,” etc.

***If only accepting Spare Change donations/signups, you may wish to alter the TITLE of this screen. Since there is no longer a choice of payment options, the system will skip straight to this screen (no Custom Attributes with Spare Change-only campaigns). Examples include “Start Rounding Up Today” and “Sign up here to Round-up”

It is important to remember that information added to this module will be associated with the Contact, as opposed to the individual Gift. To customize the information gathered about the gift, visit the Custom Attributes module.

Thank You

The default “Thank You” screen directs the user to share the Page on social media or via email and allows them to easily access their own Donor Dashboard. You can customize this experience to suit your needs.

Other Designations

If you would like your Page to serve as a landing page that presents the user with several different Nonprofits, Events, or Campaigns to interact with, you can add these to the “Other Designations” field at the top of the main Page Settings screen. Once added to this field, tiles for each item will appear in the first full-width section of your Page.

You can also accomplish this goal by selecting the "Grid" or "Card" options from "Add Things" on the main page.

Sharing Your Page

Save your Page, click “Copy Link,” and share as desired

You can also grab a sharing-friendly link to any Page in your platform by clicking on the three vertically-arranged dots to the right of the Page name and selecting “Copy Link” from the drop-down menu.

Pro Tip: If you are sharing your Page in multiple places (eBlasts, social media channels, QR codes, webpages, etc.) and you want to track where users are coming from, all you need to do is Clone the Page as shown above and name it based on where you’re sharing it (e.g. “Sept 4 eBlast Donation” or “Early Bird Ticket Post”). The Page name will show in the Source column of your Donations tab so you can easily visualize what communications are evoking the greatest response rate among your target audience.

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