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How do I embed a form on my website?

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As an admin, you have a tab on the left side of your Dashboard, called Forms.

Forms allow you to embed customized, mobile-friendly checkout flows directly on your website.

Simply, click + Create New in the top right corner of the Forms tab.

Give the Form a name and click Create.

Once you have created, you’ll arrive at a screen with your ebed instructions. Simply copy that code and paste it into a HTML block on your website.

Websites built with Wordpress, WIX, Squarespace and many others work seamlessly with our embeddable forms.

Below are Step by Step instructions for embedding a Goodworld form on a Wordpress-powered website. Similar steps are followed on other popular CMS providers. If you need support, don't hesitate to reach out.

WordPress is one of the preferred choices when it comes to choosing a website builder. And for good reason, too! It’s so simple to build a world-class website using their platform. And, the customizable options are practically endless.

There are 2 ways to embed a Goodworld donation form into your WordPress website. You can either use our embedding code – check out this helpful guide. The other option is to use our WordPress donation plugin. And that’s what we will be showing you in this blog post.

If you prefer a video tutorial, do check out this video where we have explained how you can embed a donation form easily with our WordPress Plugin:

Steps To Embed Goodworld Form on WordPress

Step 1

In the Forms tab, create a new form or click a previously created form. From there, simply copy the code (click the Copy Instructions button). Here is a sample of what the instructions look generally look like.

Step 2

Go to your WordPress page editor of the page in which you wish to insert your form.

WordPress has recently released a new page editor, which some sites are already using. Whether you choose the old or new editor, here’s how to add the embed code to your page.

  • 2.1 - Old Editor

    Make sure you are on the text editor (not the visual editor). Paste the donation form embed code in the area that you want the form to appear. Publish your post when you are done!

  • 2.2 - New Editor

    Make sure you’re viewing the page using the block editor. Click the + sign to add a block for the donation widget, selecting ‘Custom HTML’

Step 3

Paste the embed code snippet you copied from the Goodworld dashboard into the text box.

Step 4

For a preview of how the form will appear on your page, you can click Preview.

Step 5

Finally, Publish or Save the post and let the games begin!

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