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What are the fees when donating to nonprofits on Goodworld?
What are the fees when donating to nonprofits on Goodworld?

Goodworld is committed to transparency to reduce fees.

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Goodworld is free to use for donors and the maximum cost to a nonprofit for receiving donations from Goodworld donors is lower than industry standard. Please note the transaction fee on Goodworld may vary by company. Companies that offer Goodworld Workplace Giving to employees can choose to cover the processing fees in which case nonprofits are not charged any fee for donations through Goodworld.

Donors can also choose to cover the processing costs so the entire donation can go to the nonprofit(s).

Goodworld makes donation disbursements via paper check and ACH transfer to organizations based in the United States. Paper checks may be assessed a fee. When an organization signs up for ACH payments, the organization will not receive a donation check in the mail and no fee will apply. Nonprofits based outside of the US receive funds through wire transfer. Wire transfer fees may apply depending on the nonprofit’s bank.

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