Payroll Giving is a specific type of campaign that allows employees to pledge their donations at regular intervals or pay periods. Employees have the option to split their gift between several non-profits or pledge to a single beneficiary.

Create a Payroll Giving Campaign

  1. Go to the campaigns tab of your dashboard then click the Create New button.

  2. Add a new campaign.

    • Read our Campaigns article for more details.

  3. Choose a non-profit beneficiary.

    • You can add as many non-profits as you want later. Once you have created the Page, locate the edit icon on your Campaign Page and click to add more non-profits.

  4. Customize your donation type.

  5. Add fields to collect additional donor information.

  6. Share with your employees.

    • To understand the employee Payroll Experience, see below.

Employee Guide to Payroll Giving

Use your paycheck to support the causes you care about.

Create meaningful impact through payroll giving, where you can automatically deduct contributions from your paycheck and send it to chosen nonprofits. It’s effortless! Here’s how to enroll:

  1. Click the Give Now button on the page provided by your supervisor.

  2. Add your name, email, and a password.

  3. Browse the list of nonprofits then choose which ones you’d like to support.

  4. Input the amount and frequency of your donations.

    • The frequency should coincide with your paycheck.

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