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How to Create a Matching Campaign
How to Create a Matching Campaign

Multiple you impact by matching employee donations!

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In just a few steps, create an impactful fundraising campaign that challenges and engages your employees.

A Matching Campaign is a specific type of campaign that allows employers to match their employees' donations.

To start, begin by creating a campaign.

  1. Go to the campaigns tab of your dashboard then click the Create New button.

  2. Enter your fundraising goal.

  3. Add a headline.

  4. Select the desired nonprofit.

  5. Provide a description.

  6. Upload a hero image.

To learn more about creating a campaign read our How to Launch a Campaign article.

Once you've created a campaign, click on it.

  1. Hit the Features button on the top banner.

  2. Toggle the button to the right on Matching to activate you Matching Campaign.

  3. Click the Customize button to customize your settings.

  4. Customize your match cap, match per person, ratio, deadline, and disclaimer.

    • Note, Goodworld has auto-generated disclaimers if you choose not to customize the message.

  5. Hit the Save button in the bottom right.

Don’t worry, at any time you can edit your campaign’s settings!

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