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How does Goodworld Impact Fund work?
How does Goodworld Impact Fund work?

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Think of Goodworld as your broker and your charitable contribution as your investment in a mutual fund. Your Goodworld “mutual fund” is tailored to your “investment objectives” - the causes you want to support. The same advantages to investing in a mutual fund apply to your charitable contribution: you can contribute to a number of the world’s best nonprofits serving the causes you care about in one simple transaction.

With each contribution to your Goodworld portfolio, you are investing in a better world through a tax-deductible contribution. In other words, you are making an investment in social good.

Because there’s no stock market for non-profit giving, your return is in the knowledge that your charitable contribution is changing lives, saving resources, and discovering breakthrough technologies. We show you this return in the form of stories from the nonprofits in which we’ve worked with.

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