Core Settings

Learn how to use your campaign settings.

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Core Settings

As you explore your impact platform, you will come across four standard settings.

These settings are nearly universal, with only slight variations in customization between pages, campaigns, events, designations, and the platform.

Basic Settings

Control branding (color, logo), visibility, fund designation, social sharing, and more. On the right side of the screen, you will be able to preview changes.

Payment Settings

Customize what type of donations are available on your platform. Choose from one-time, recurring, payroll*, and SpareChange donations.

  • Payroll donations are only available within campaigns.

Custom Attributions

Encourage or require users to provide additional information about their gift, enrollment, registration or ticket purchase. Ask donors to make a dedication, enable anonymous giving, or include a gift sharing process. You can also add custom fields, checkboxes, or paragraphs to collect desired data.

Thank You: After making a donation, the user will see a Thank You screen. This Thank You screen prompts users to share on social media or via email. The screen also allows users to access their own donor Dashboard. On Giving Pages, you can customize the link and message to match your marketing efforts.

User Fields

Customize the information you collect from each contact. Collect basic information such as first name, last name, email address, and password. Information will be stored in the Contacts section of your platform.

Attendee Details: On an Event, you have the ability to collect additional information about attendees, registrants or gift recipients by including additional custom user fields.

SpareChange: If SpareChange is the only payment accepted, we recommend changing the title to a call to action. This can be done in the User Fields section.

Examples of Titles: “Donate Your Spare Change or “Round Up for the Cause”

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