Email Templates

Automate email communication to your donors, leads, and administrators.

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Email Templates

Make communicating effortless! Email templates can be customized within your Platform Settings. Select templates can also be customized within individual nonprofit fund designations to further tailor your users’ experience and deepen their engagement.

These email templates are available to be configured in your Platform Settings and within individual campaigns.

  • Welcome: Sent to donors when an email address is provided by Admin

  • Acknowledgements: Sent when a one-time or recurring gift is made

  • Gift Notifications: Sent to Admins when a gift is made to a campaign

  • Password Reset: Sent to users who request a password reset

  • Invite: Sent to team members to provide Admin access

  • Gift Sharing: Sent to recipients of eGifts

The templates below can only be configured in the Platform Settings.

  • Monthly Statement: Sent every 30 days to active recurring donors

  • Reminders: A two part series sent to those who fail to complete a gift or purchase

  • Spare Change: Sent to donors who connect a spare change account

  • Invalid Payment Info: Sent before payment methods expire or are invalid

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