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How to Generate an Employee Giving Report
How to Generate an Employee Giving Report

Export employee pledge reports and track employee giving.

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Create a Report

Campaign coordinators have access to track, monitor, and export giving reports. Hereโ€™s how:

  1. Open the email invitation from to complete your registration and access the platform. After your account is created, you can always login here.

    1. The login provided above is different from your custom branded giving page. The login above is for your coordinator dashboard account. To login and make a pledge, use the link provided by your employee representative.

  2. Click on the Campaigns tab of your dashboard.

    1. Click on campaigns, not donations! The campaign report will provide more details than donations.

  3. Click on the campaign you want a report of.

  4. Click on the Donations tab at the top of the campaign screen.

  5. A report table will appear with several columns.

    • Contact - name of employees

    • Designation - The nonprofit organization the employee has chosen

    • Source - Campaign or event the donation is associated with

    • Amount - The full amount paid by the employee (this also includes the credit card merchant fee if the employee has chosen to cover it)

    • Net Amount - The true donation amount that will be distributed to the nonprofit

    • Type - Payment method (payroll, one-time, credit card or bank transfer)

    • Date - The date and time the donation was submitted

    • Status - The current status of the donation

      • Succeeded - The payment/pledge went through

      • Refunded โ€“ The payment/pledge has been refunded

      • Failed โ€“ The payment failed due to an expired credit card, incorrect information, etc.

  6. You can filter the data by status, type, and date range. You can do this by clicking on the filtering icons located at the top center of the page, or by searching contact and designation.

  7. You can export the information into an excel sheet by clicking the Export CSV button at the top right. This will export only the data you have selected to view, using filters prior to exporting can make formatting the final report easier.

    1. If your campaign or event gathered more information from employees (department or employee ID) this information will only appear once exported, along with the number of pay periods and per pay period amount of each designation.

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